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      Raw Cottage is an Australian family-owned business on a mission to change how people shop and think. We combine the ethos of raw and simple living with a commitment to creating a minimal waste and mindful life while ensuring that we sell quality, timeless pieces which bring long-lasting joy to our customers. We ensure that any products we sell first pass the Raw Cottage test as we wouldn't expect you to have anything in your cottage that we wouldn't have in ours!

      Life isn't about being perfect in every way, it's about being the best that we can be and leaving a positive impact as we go along. It's about seeing the beauty in imperfections and living in harmony with our natural environment.

      For decades now society has been geared toward fast-paced over-consumption; fast fashion, fast food, fast living and we feel that the time has come to turn this around... to slow things down and rebuild an appreciation for the simple things in life. To stop and smell the roses and live a more balanced, natural and mindful life in harmony with those around us, whether it be the natural world or the people who work tirelessly to produce the items we love and consume every day. 

      It's amazing how much of an impact making small changes on a regular basis can have, not only to the world around us but also to our own emotional and physical wellbeing and we would love for you to come on this journey with us.


      Authentic, natural simplicity, from our cottage to yours


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